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Mars 04 2013

4th week qualification at the International Cricket Spring!

Congratulations to the 20 qualified players at the International Cricket Spring! They will be playing the Online Finals on April 2013! Good Luck!


We already have 20 Radikals qualified in the forth week of the Spring International Cricket Championship!  From February 25th through the March 3rd 2013, plenty of players worldwide have played the second week, but only 20 of them have qualified to compete in the online finals, to be held April 2013!

This competition, organized by Virtual Darts, The Radikal Darts official sportive department, began on February 4 and will end on March 31, 2013 . 

It is organized with 8 qualifiers lasting one week eachThe qualifiers are divided into 20 DivisionsAs in past international championships organized by Virtual Darts, the winner of each division each week qualifies for the Final Online play, while second place keeps his/her three best games for the NEXT qualifier, third keeps his/her best 2 games, and 4th keeps his/her one best game. 

The Online Finals will be divided into three categories (Elite top 32, the next 64 Master and the last 64 Regular), and will take place on  the 7th (Elite), 13th (Regular) and 14th (Master) April at 10:00AM EST 

Do not miss this opportunity to challenge darters worldwide!

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