International Doubles Virtual League 15/16 - Nyheter


Juli 14 2015


Join the best Virtual League!

To Start - Agu 20th 2015

End - Oct 15th 2015

Second Chance Ranking - Oct 23nd thru Oct 30th

Online Finals   - Nov 14th/15th - Level 4 

                        -  Nov 7th/8th - Level 2 & 3

                        -  Nov 8th  - Level 1

Not sure what a Virtual League is? You can find an explanation sheet here: What is a Virtual League

Main League Information

Teams will be 2 main players and 1 alternate.

**Players can play from multiple locations/machines. Players from the same team can even play from different machines/locations during the league and second chance Ranking. However all players on same team will need to play from the same machine during the Online Finals.**

Teams will be sorted by the average and the history of the best 2 players then broken into groups of 8. If teams have players with no Radikal Ratings at the start they will play in a group with other teams that have players without Ratings.

Teams that start with just 2 players and want to add a third after the league start: The new player must have both PPD and MPR and the new team average (best 2 players) cannot be higher than the worst team in the group ahead of you.

Games can only be closed by players in the same group.

The virtual league:

  • Cricket 15 rounds.
  • Teams will be sorted by average and the history of the best 2 players
  • Top 2 teams in each group will automatically make the online finals. In the master levels also the 3rd and 4th team of each group make the online finals.
  • Teams not qualified for the online finals have an opportunity by playing the 2nd chance, with as many free games per player as points they have achieved during the league.
  • Teams where all players don’t play the minimum of games in a week 2 times in the league - will be disqualified, and will be set to a 0-4 score. If a team is disqualified in the league matches from the will be set to 0-4. If a team is disqualified in one of the last 2 weeks, only the weeks they were disqualified for will be set 0-4. If your match shows your opponent has been disqualified from the league your team does not need to play games for that week, points will be awarded accordingly after the match is closed. Not playing your games against a disqualified team will not count against you as a missed match. You can still play your games to earn your free kers for the week. 


Name of the competition at the machine: VD-PAREJAS (GXX) - XX = your group number

Week 1 20/08/2015 23:01 03/09/2015 23:00
Week 2 03/09/2015 23:01 10/09/2015 23:00
Week 3 10/09/2015 23:01 17/09/2015 23:00
Week 4 17/09/2015 23:01 24/09/2015 23:00
Week 5 24/09/2015 23:01 01/10/2015 23:00
Week 6 01/10/2015 23:01 08/10/2015 23:00
Week 7 08/10/2015 23:01 15/10/2015 23:00
2nd chance 22/10/2015 23:01 29/10/2015 23:00










Please note some "weeks" (matches) are more than 7 days duration.

Average of your 2 best games will be used each week. Minimum of 5 games and Max of 20. A player who plays the max games in a week will also earn 5 additional FREE games (called Kers). Players can use their Kers for free games in that week or save them to use in another week later in the league. You can accumulate your Kers and use them anytime you wish but you must also play the max games in the week you wish to use them. Players can also transfer their kers to other players on the same team.

How to use Kers

Each team is allowed to have a max of 2 matches during the league start early. If a match's beginning date is changed to start earlier kers won in the later overlapping week cannot be used in the earlier week. If you need a match to be open early please send an email to with your group number and the week you wish to play early.

Players will earn 1 point for each player on the other team they are better than. Maximum points per match per week are 4.

In case of a tie in averages for 2 or more players in a match (best 2 games) the system looks at game 3 then 4 then 5 etc until someone is better.

In case of a tie in points at the end of the league - the team with more total matches won will be considered higher. If total matches won is still a tie, then the head to head matches of the tied teams will be looked at. Whichever team won more points head to head will be considered higher. If that is still a tie the team with the player having the best league ranking will advance.

For 2nd Chance and Online Final, only 1 player from the team can be substituted for. If a team substitutes a player after the league is finished (prior to 2nd chance and OL Final) the teams points will be divided in half.

2nd Chance Ranking

All Teams not qualifying for the finals during the regular league will have an opportunity to still make the online finals by playing a Cteam 2nd chance Ranking. These teams from ALL groups will be reordered by MPR, then broken into new groups of 6. From each group of 6 - 1 additional spot into the online final for the winner of each 2nd chance Ranking.

All players from each team will play a Ranking. The average of the best 2 games of the best 2 players will count. Players will get as many free games as points they scored individually for their team during the league.

Game will be Standard Cricket - 15 Rds

Finals Online

All finals teams will be ordered by MPR of the best 2 players on the team. The best 16 teams will play the Level 1 final, the next 32 play Level 2 final, and so on.

Level 1 - 16 Bracket will play NO Handicap Best of 5.

·         Game 1 = P1 vs P1 - Singles Cricket - 15rds

·         Game 2 = P2 vs P2 - Singles Cricket - 15rds

·         Game 3 = P1 vs P2 - Singles Cricket  - 15rds

·         Game 4 = P2 vs P1 - Singles Cricket - 15 rds

·         Game 5 = P1,P2 vs P1,P2 Team Cricket Stacked - 2 Players same score - 15 rds

Level 2-4 will play with Handicap - Best of 3

·         Game 1 = P1 vs P1 - Singles Cricket 200 - 15 rds

·         Game 2 = P2 vs P2 - Singles Cricket 200 - 15rds

·         Game 3 = P1,P2 vs P1,P2  Team Cricket Stacked 200- 2 Players same score - 15 rds

Prizes - awarded to places of the online final 










La Carrera points for finishing the online final are below. Additionally every player who finishes the League will receive an additional 150 points regardless of their finish in the league.La Carrera (The Race) Points


Players must play the minimum games in at least 10 weeks of the league to receive La Carrera Points. 

General Rules

  • Patented Remote Referee System will be used to validate matches
  • Players using false or wrong identification will be invalidated and not eligible for prizes
  • Virtual Darts reserves the right at any time to modify the rules of any competition on the calendar if  needed to ensure the integrity of the competitions

  • Rules

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